My name is Johann Visser, I am a wildlife and nature photographer based in Bloemfontein, South Africa.

My passion lies in Africa’s wildlife and wilderness areas. It all started after my first visit to the world famous Kruger National Park in South Africa. As a child I was fortunate to travel all over Southern Africa with my parents, spending most of our holidays in one of Southern Africa’s Game Parks. This led to a deep passion and appreciation for nature.

My passion for photography started before I actually owned my first camera. I started taking an interest in wildlife photography and spent many hours paging through wildlife books and magazines. The images mesmerized me. Getting completely immersed in the photographs, somehow being transported into that moment captured on the pages of those magazines, dreaming of being there and capturing that kind of image through my own lens. After many years of only observing our wildlife, I bought my first camera and started capturing them on film. The hobby was born and it soon turned into my passion.

I have since travelled over vast distances in South Africa exploring some of its wilderness areas and photographing its wildlife. I enjoy photographing nature from the Big to the small, landscapes to insects. I spend every opportunity I get practicing my hobby, but only get to really do wildlife photography once a year, during my annual leave. I have been able to learn and appreciate Africa, its wildlife and all its beauty through the practice of photography and are the happiest with camera in hand, spending time in the wilds of Africa.

With an innate love for travel and wildlife my passion I have the great pleasure of sharing my wildlife experiences with fellow nature lovers on my journey through the wild places of Africa.

Thank you for taking the time to browse my work.